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Why should you advertise your brand with us?

If you are finding a way to focus your marketing efforts right into the heart of coupon,offer,promotion,shopping community then we will help you.
  • We are the only platform which works solely for coupon,offer,promotion,shopping community and helps to connect your brand to student’s society with our various online and offline channels.
  • We help you target your niche market, whilst promoting your special deals and offers.
  • We are a cost effective way of generating new customers and enhancing loyalty in existing ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.Who can get associated with FreeShopping?
-> Any full fledged E-commerce website or any merchant having his/her products listed on another popular website could be an affiliate partner with FreeShopping.
Q.How can I promote my offers on FreeShopping?
-> We provide many profitable options to our partners for promoting their offers and website which are best suited to their needs.Our options ranges from listing your offers on our website, efficiently adding your coupons in our store, banner advertising, social media marketing and more.
Q.Who can get associated with FreeShopping?
-> Once your store is added to our portal, you can easily add your coupons from your end too by following the simple steps mentioned below:
Search your store in the search tab.
 On the right sidebar of the page, you will find “Share Your Coupon” box.
Fill in the required fields correctly.
Click on “Share the Love” and your coupons will instantly get submitted.
Later our moderators will approve them and will make them live in your store.
Benefits of Coupon Promotion:
Your store will be shown as “Featured Store” in the Coupon store section.
Your latest Coupons will be displayed as “Featured Coupons” and “Today’s Top Coupons” in Coupon Store section.
Your latest Coupons will also be displayed in “Hot Coupons” on our Homepage.
To talk to one of our team members and find out how we can give your brand a “personal touch” among responsive audience, simply click here to contact us.